lunes, julio 21, 2008

Sangre en la radio

Si los borrachos, los virus, las tormentas eléctricas, los apagones, las calamidades, Dios y Satanás lo permiten, HOY HABRÁ SANGRE DE METAL EN LA RADIO, se puede escuchar AQUÍ y AQUÍ

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ValhallaWarrior dijo...

Del sitio de Judas Priest, copio y pego:

"We've played together with so many great bands on this European leg - old friends like Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Motorhead. New bands such as Airbourne - great lads from Australia - and it was good to see Kiss again at the the Download Festival in the UK - we toured with them in the early days in the US and unlike many other bands who gave us very little stage or lights, KISS were generous and helped us out which we appreciated in those days!"

...y continúa...

"We are planning a second leg in Europe including some UK dates probably in the New Year but are now off to the States and Canada for the next leg before heading to Australia, Japan, Korea, Japan and finishing in Mexico and South America."


Chico Migraña dijo...

Y aún hay más amigos, pero se requiere paciencia.


doyman dijo...

A quién hay que matar para que eso se haga realidad??

N.P. Child of the damn - Hammerfall